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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Leisure battery and split charge relay

Way back when I got the new engine fitted, my garage told me they would have to strip out the secondary electrics (battery and split charge relay) that I had fitted a few years previously (they were pressure washing the engine bay, so it made sense) - they also told me it wasn't working, which was news to me. But hey ho. So today I re-fitted it.

I couldn't remember which wires fitted to which terminals, so last week me and Dad (when he was down visiting) did some playing with the black box (i.e. took it apart) and made a circuit diagram. It's quite a neat little gizmo (it's called a Combo Split Charge Relay, and I can't remember the brand, but I bought it from a local caravan electrics shop when I lived in Bournemouth). Basically, a single live wire charges two separate relays (hence 'combo') that close two switches to allow power from the main battery out to two terminals (nominally, one for a fridge/cooler, the other to charge the leisure battery).

It was a piece of piss to fit the thing, mainly because I'd done it before and all the holes and wires were still in place. The longest part of the job - about 20 minutes - was spent sanding down the nearest earth terminal of rust so that it was a sound connection. I suspect this is why it wasn't working that day when the garage man stripped it out. I really need to secure the battery somehow, but it's really not going anywhere in a hurry.


  • i've just stripped an old vw bus, and put this set up in my transit campervan i built myself.
    and i have to say THANK YOU, because i didnt have a fricking clue where to put the wires, i ws almost right, but it wasnt charging up. i even asked the makers of this combi thing fro an instruction manual but it dint make any sense to me. thanks to you stripping it down and putting this easy diagram up, i've just wired it up properly... and it works!!!!!!!

    By Blogger failingbikeshop, at 9:13 AM  

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