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Friday, March 02, 2007

Heating problem solved...

Back in November, me and me dad were trying to work out why I had no heating in the van.

It's a common misconception that VW campers are cold and have no heating - one of the founding principles of an aircooled engine is that a ruddy bloody big fan blows the very hot air away from the engine. On the camper, there's a bunch of conduits and stuff that carry that heat from the engine along pipes to the front of the van, depositing the hot air on your feet and up the dashboard.

Often the heat exchangers are gone, or the pipes are knackered, or there's simply not enough oomph to get it all to the front. Having ruled out all of these, we were baffled why the pipes were hot to touch, but there was no blowing air. We assumed there must have been a blockage in the pipes somewhere, and I took a length of hosepipe home with me and was going to start trying to do a dynarod effort under the van.

Needless to say other things got in the way and I never bothered. But last night, driving home, there was a huge fluttering crackly noise, and FWOOF a whole load of crap came out from my dashboard vents, including what looked like feathers/fur/hair or something. And now... I have hot air coming through :) If the stories are true about Billy's life during the 80s being spent in a barn going nowhere, then maybe something crawled up and made a nest and died in there. It finally got dislodged. I just have to pick remnants of it out of my dashboard vents now. Eugh. But still... result!


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