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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rock n Roll Bed

I've decided to get rid of the Devon pull-out bed and fit a rock n roll bed (so called because it easily rock n rolls from seat to bed and back again). The Devon bed is dead comfortable, but I've had enough of pulling it out and lining it up and screwing the legs in. I just really like the idea of pulling the bed out in on easy motion and going straight to bed. I was planning on buying a new one from Bluebird, but I opted for a second-hand one I found through the JustKampers forum for £100. It's in perfect condition, and just needs cushions making.

First thing to say... these things are well complicated! I'm a pretty logical minded kinda guy, but the physics of this thing confused the hell out of me. I put it together in three different ways before it was right, and even then it was so bloody heavy I had to take the boards off to be able to handle it. Finally managed it though, and it looks great (suspicious wet-looking patch is just the grain of the wood!).

The bed kinda slopes down a bit, which is a bit weird. I think I might try chocking the vertical board up by a couple of inches, and moving the hinges up the same amount where they're attached to the van. Unlike with the Devon, you sleep with your head at the back of the van I think, so it doesn't really matter that much. But I'd much prefer it to be level. Still, it's a good start....

By the way, here's an animation of the outgoing Devon pull-out bed. Suspect I'll be selling this on JustKampers or Ebay some day soon.


  • I'm trying to convert a ford econoline e350 and I need to put in a rock and roll bed. I'm going to have a hell of a time though, I can't find one anywhere near by. I suppose I could make one but that'd be a bitch.

    By Blogger Ricky Silver, at 8:18 PM  

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