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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Starter motor buggered

Billy wouldn't start this morning. The battery's fully charged (measures 12.5V) and it's not even trying to turn over, just a 'chck' noise when you try to turn the engine over. A bump start got him going though. Sounds like the starter motor's not doing its thing, so I'm going to read about that mechanism and see if there's anything I can do myself without taking him to a garage. Hopefully it's just the solenoid, that's only about £16 and according to my book its quite easy to fit. The starter motor itself is nearer £60, and a bit trickier to fit.

Three weeks later ... after a pair of Saturdays lying under the van trying various tricks (ranging from 'clean the contacts' to 'whack it with a hammer') I concluded a) it was properly broken and b) I wasn't going to replace it myself. There's a ruddy big bolt that is hidden behind the fan housing at the back of the engine which I couldn't really imagine myself finding, and there was also about 3 inches of clearance between my nose and the van when trying to work underneath it. So I took it back to Jack's, and for £110 (bosch part plus an hour or so's labour) they did it for me. They gave me the old one as well, so I can take it apart and learn about its gubbins :)

(Also learnt that it's a LOT quicker to drive to Jack's in the evening than in the morning - 25 minutes instead of about an hour. Plus, you avoid the newly extended congestion charge if you drive after 6pm).


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