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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rock n Roll Bed 2 - Cushions

OK, so call me a cheapskate, but having spent £100 on the R&R bed, I decided I didn't want to spend another £60 on foam. Partly on an environmental tip, but mainly because I was feeling skint at the time, I decided to see what sheets of foam I could get for free via Freecycle.
Ideally, I wanted 3" or 4" thick foam, but I managed to get two sheets of 2" instead. In order to sandwich them together, I made kinda cotton pillow cases using old bed sheets (again, from Freecycle :) and stuffed the foam into them. The result is pretty comfy!

The next thing is I need to make some proper covers for the cushions, and I've been looking at fabrics. I had thought to do it in denim, and I've taken a few pictures of a few different types of denims. But there are also a few other options in there too. Not in a hurry, so might have a long thing about it first :)


  • hi
    I too have purchased the rock n roll bracket but still unsure about how to install it into the back of my kombi. was wondering if you had any photos or words of advice about the way you went about it. The instructions were only basic and did not include the extra (legs) that can be added to the bracket any help would be gratefull, cheers.


    By Blogger NiffY, at 4:30 AM  

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