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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spotaneous Billy trip

On the spur of the moment, I went away in Billy last night. It was a lovely little place called St Ives Farm near Hartfield in East Sussex. There were loads of kids running around, and families having big family parties. It was centered around a man-made fishing lake, and kids were getting excited about catching little tiddlers. I turned up about 10.30, found a spot, then found a better spot with less greenfly buzzing around. Pretty much went to sleep straight away, slept in late, read lots, then came home at about 2pm.

It's all part of the "do more in Billy" plan; not just a thing about getting out more, seeing some country, reading, watching films etc, but also about giving Billy more opportunities to breakdown! The idea is, if I only do journeys when it's something really important (trips with friends, festivals, holidays, house-moving trips) then the likelihood of Billy breaking down and screwing up something important is quite high. If I go out in Billy for random unimportant trips, he'll have more opportunities to break down and I can just get towed home and go to bed, and not feel really pissed off.


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