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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Billy Trip 2, Saroucourt to Beaune

ROUTE - Saroucourt-le-grande to Beaune
Distance - 443 km (total, 805 km)

Day two, and the weather was just as shite. Not really many stories to tell here, except of trying to do as many miles (or kilometres actually, which are less than miles, and therefore things seem to be further away, but in fact the numbers go down quicker, so it feels you're actually travelling faster than you are) as possible. For lunch we began another apparent theme of this holiday – driving around aimlessly hoping to find somewhere and in the end settling for something we should have thought of in the first place. We drove around the town/village of Fage-something-or-other looking for a cafe of some sort... in the end we settled for a DIY sandwich in an E Leclerc supermarket car park.

IMG_1452By night we managed to get beyond Dijon to a campsite in our book on the outskirts of Beaune. It was run by a nice little man who looked like he drank a lot, and he charged us just 12.50. Freya cooked a kick ass dinner of lentil stew and rice (she thinks it was tagine, but it was not in a tagine, and was therefore a lovely stew). By now I was starting to feel a bit minging, and was wondering if I might have man flu, which I always seem to get when I stop doing work. So I had a nap, and Freya looked after me. What a dear.

IMG_1457At this campsite, there was a well cute 60s caravan that we both fell in love with. It appeared to be Dutch. Freya took photos, but got nervous when she realised its occupants realised she was taking photos, so she did them under her arm all secret like. I think Freya could be a spy.


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