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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Haven't blogged about furniture in a while

I know my loyal readers will be eager to read about my adventures with furniture, so here's an update. After the success of the infamous cupboard, I've set about building two other cabinets in the same way - timber frame, clad in MDF.

The first unit is the sink unit, to replace the one of similar design. This one will be built properly, and will not be used for a fridge. It will have the sink, the water bottle, the leisure fusebox, and storage area for cups and plates etc.

The second unit is to replace the wardrobe unit, behind the driver's seat bulkhead. It will be of similar design to the wardrobe unit, but with a built in buddy seat. Inside the buddy seat, will be a 28L coolbox, instead of a fridge. In the back of the buddy seat, I will put a 14" flat screen monitor, for DVDs and possibly the game cube.

Today I finished building the second unit's frame, and have both of them in position. The first unit was a doddle to build the frame, and quite a bit of fun to chisel out bits of wood to make way for the sink. But because I had a hard job visualising how it would look, the second unit was kinda designed on the job, so it took a bit longer and I wasted a bit of wood. Nevermind.

Next job is to get the MDF cut to measure, and start turning them into proper units! I hope to get something snazzy for the 'worktop' over the sink. Simple pleasures for simple sams.


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