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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally, a table!

This innocent looking plank of wood is a table. It's been hanging around my flat for ages, and it's finally in the van! Don't underestimate how mentally taxing this table was - it may look like a plank of wood on a hinge, but there's allsorts of intricacies.

First there's the leg. It's 26" tall. This means the table also has to be 26" long, so that the table leg can fit underneath it. This also means that the table has to be hinged 26" from the floor. That took me a long time to understand, for some reason.

Then there's the hinge. I originally had the table hinged to a piece of timber, but when I attached that to the 'wall' it was way floppy and was not at all secure. So I mounted that onto a piece of board, so it would have a larger footprint, and that seems to be happier.

But then there's the bed - the whole mechanism needs to be flush enough to the wall that the bed can still rock'n'roll while the table is flat.

ANYWAY, it's done now, and here it is. Hurrah.


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