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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big Billy Trip 11, Rome!

IMG_2072Our second day in Rome, and Freya had had a rough night. She'd got some sort of fever, and had the dreaded hot n colds all night. So we took it a bit easy, laid in until about 11, and even then had a nice sit in the sun and some breakfast before we headed into the city.

IMG_2157So we just spent a couple of hours visiting the Colloseum and the Pantheon, then came back to the site, where I had to say goodbye to Freya and put her on a bus to the airport. Boo x

I made myself feel better with a nice plate of grilled meat at the campsite restaurant, a beer, and a session online planning my next move. I think it's Bologna here we come tomorrow, followed by a route through Switzerland and Germany. Yep, I'm feeling brave. Wish me luck!


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